Pool Equipment in Northern Rivers

Byron Bay Luxury Pools

Our team aims to make the pool life a simple one with our range of pool and spa equipment.

From cleaning systems through to practical pool accessories, we will make owning and maintaining your pool easy.

Call our team to place an order. 

Pool Cleaning Systems

Keep your pool maintenance free with an auto-cleaning system. Our pool builders can install in floor cleaning and recirculation systems from brands such as Paramount.

Paramount’s automatic in floor cleaning systems ensure your pool is always swim ready. These systems are not only effective, but they can also save you up to 30% on chemicals and energy throughout your pool’s life by improving your circulation system.

We also have suction and robotic cleaners available. Call our team to learn what system will work best for your pool.

Pool Heating

At Byron Bay Luxury Pools, we offer a range of heating options for pools and spas.

We can install heat pumps, solar heating systems and gas and electric heaters. Pool blankets and covers should also be considered to make the most of your new pool heating system.

Depending on your situation our team will devise what system will work the most efficiently for your needs.

Pool Equipment

Choosing the right pool and spa equipment is crucial to maintaining a healthy pool.

Our Byron Bay Luxury Pools team stock a range of equipment including:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Chlorinators
  • Fresh water system
  • Remote controls

To enjoy a clean pool with minimal maintenance costs and inconvenience it’s important to choose the right pump and filtration system. There are 2 main types of filtration systems used in Australia — sand and cartridge. Sand filters strain the water from the surface and filter out impurities, while cartridge filters use less water and filter finer particles. Each have their benefits, so be sure to ask our team what system will work for your pool.

We also have a range of chlorinators to automate your pool cleaning and sanitisation process.

With the advancements of modern technology you can even control your pool equipment via remote control or an app on your phone.

Speak to our team for advice on the best equipment for your needs.

Pool Accessories

At Byron Bay Luxury Pools, we have a range of accessories that are both fun and practical. Our accessories include:

  • Water slides
  • Pool covers
  • Security covers

For more than 25 years, Byron Bay Luxury Pools has been constructing pools and spas throughout the Northern Rivers region. Our award winning pool builders offer design, construction, renovation and repair services. Based in Byron Bay, we’ll travel anywhere in the Northern Rivers region to build you the pool of your dreams. Call us for a quote.


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